Beginner Course

Four Sessions (8 Hours)

This course introduces the foreign exchange market, the world’s largest market, where approximately $5 trillion worth of currency is changed hands every day. In this course, you will learn why almost all individuals and businesses must participate in this market and why people want to speculate in Forex.

We will give you an insight into the basics of trading. It is excellent for those who have an interest in trading and want to take the first step in the Forex markets

Introduction to Financial Markets and Forex market Trading is a Forex trading course targeting beginners.

Course Topics

  • Currency and commodities
  • Liquidity
  • History of forex
  • Market watch
  • Exchange rate
  • Long and Short
  • Ask and Bid
  • Spread
  • Pipette and pip
  • Lot
  • Balance
  • Equity
  • Leverage
  • Swap
  • Margin
  • Free margin, margin call and margin level
  • Banks
  • hedge funds
  • Brokers
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • America
  • Meta Trader 4
  • Meta Trader 5
  • Forex Level 2
  • Peachip

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